Turnkey Specialists, Inc.

Project management is the core of Turnkeys business model. From Concept through EPC on to long term operation of Oil and Gas Upstream and Midstream process facilities.

- Design - Concept and FEED
- Engineer - Detailed Mechanical, Structural, Electrical, Piping and Controls.
- Procure - Sourcing and supply chain management
- Construct - Project Management & Engineering and Contractor supervision.
- Operate - TSI will be accountable for operational performance and reliability of production.
- Maintain - Long term care and performance optimization of assets.

Compressor Station – Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania

In general, the Scope of Work items include labor, equipment and materials to perform engineering, design, drafting, studies, calculations, specifications and bills of materials for the Project.

Design Parameters

Design Pressure Suction                                          1440 psig at 1200F
Design Pressure […]

CRP Station – Marshall County, West Virginia

Turn-Key Specialist (TSI) has been contracted to complete the initial FEED study and the detailed design for this CRP Station (Project).  This Design Basis is designed to provide the underlying design parameters for the Project. The Project is to be installed on a grass roots site located in Marshall County, West Virginia using the Williams […]

CRP Station – Monroe County, Ohio

This is an expansion to their CRP in Monroe County, Ohio with the potential to have a dehydration capacity of 90MMSCFD to meet the Valid Drilling Plan for its customers. The CRP consist of gas dehydration, gas filter/separation, thermal oxidizer, and metering, along with balance of plant. This is also a lump sum project just under […]

Gas Compression Facility – Freeport, Texas

TSI is working on a project installing a natural gas compression facility near Freeport, Texas. The compression facilities will be utilized in conjunction with an underground gas storage cavern that is currently being developed via a solution mining process. The top side solution mining facility is existing, in-service and adjacent to the proposed compression facilities […]

3250HP Compressor Station – Izard County, Arkansas

TSI provided engineering, procurement, and construction services for the installation of a grassroots compressor station to be located in Izard County, Arkansas. The station will consist of two Aerial JGD/4-1 compressors driven by two 3,250 HP electric motors supplied on skids and packaged by AG Equipment Company. Other major equipment to be installed on site […]

Compressor Station – Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania

This  Compressor Station was installed in two Phases. The compressor station was designed for unmanned operation (day time personnel only, not remote unmanned operation).The design made maximum use of modularized components to minimize on-site welding, use of foundations, and overall installation requirements.

Design Parameters

Design Pressure Suction                 1440 psig […]

Pipeline Compressor Station – Matagorda County, Texas

Markham Compressor Station  (2009~10)
Matagorda County, TX

Our Customer in Texas, conducted an expansion of a  Storage System.  This project will provide the storage compression necessary to support the Dayton Cavern 4 expansion to maintain maximum storage operation flexibility from a consolidated operations perspective.

In order to support compression needs of  storage and provide mainline support for pressure […]