Turnkey Specialists, Inc.

Project management is the core of Turnkeys business model. From Concept through EPC on to long term operation of Oil and Gas Upstream and Midstream process facilities.

- Design - Concept and FEED
- Engineer - Detailed Mechanical, Structural, Electrical, Piping and Controls.
- Procure - Sourcing and supply chain management
- Construct - Project Management & Engineering and Contractor supervision.
- Operate - TSI will be accountable for operational performance and reliability of production.
- Maintain - Long term care and performance optimization of assets.

Meter Station – Chemung County, New York

We installed a natural gas meter station located in Big Flats, Chemung County, New York. The meter station is a new grassroots facility and will existing pipeline to Millennium’s existing 30” pipeline. The meter station consists of primary equipment such as Meter Skid (to be located within a building) Flow Control Valve Skid (to be […]

125mmcfd Meter and Dehydration Station – Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania

TSI installed meter and dehydration station for a nominal 125 mmcfd capacity with a 1440 psig working pressure. Station includes two (2) 75 mmcfd inlet scrubbers, one (1) 75 mmcfd gas dehydration train and one (1) 50 mmcfd gas dehydration train, one (1) 125 mmcfd filter separator, one (1) 125 mmcfd orifice check meter, one […]