TSI is working on a project installing a natural gas compression facility near Freeport, Texas. The compression facilities will be utilized in conjunction with an underground gas storage cavern that is currently being developed via a solution mining process. The top side solution mining facility is existing, in-service and adjacent to the proposed compression facilities location. The top side solution mining facility founds on compacted fill that raised the site from El +5’ MSL to El +12’ to elevate the site above possible storm surge flooding levels. This CONTRACTOR Scope of Work is for placement of the structural fill to elevate the proposed compression facilities site in similar fashion.

The project objective is the development of new surface facilities for natural gas storage, gas compression, gas dehydration, and utilities systems as required to provide a fully functional facility. The compressor station will consist of two (2) 4500 HP electric motor driven Compressors, process gas coolers, piping, and piping interconnects to auxiliary equipment. The compressor units shall be installed in a new compressor drop-side building.   The ATS, MCC, UPS, distribution transformer, distribution panels and battery charger will be located in the Control Building. The station control system, emergency shutdown system, and Fire and Gas panel will be located in the control room of the Control Building. The site will also include two (2) Gas Dehydration Units and all ancillary equipment such as emergency generator, a fuel gas conditioning skid, meters and gas chromatograph, air compressor for instrument air and utility air, station and unit ESD valves, control room, automation, and all necessary equipment to provide a safe and fully functional facility.