Markham Compressor Station  (2009~10)
Matagorda County, TX

Our Customer in Texas, conducted an expansion of a  Storage System.  This project will provide the storage compression necessary to support the Dayton Cavern 4 expansion to maintain maximum storage operation flexibility from a consolidated operations perspective.

In order to support compression needs of  storage and provide mainline support for pressure requirements, our customer installed compression at the intersection of the Tejas Mustang Mainlines (520-100, 200) and the Markham Lateral.  The net effect of the compression is to increase injection rate to the Markham storage wells by increasing the suction pressure of the CS 581 (Markham Storage) compressor station.

In order to meet the proposed goals, our customer disassembled and relocated 2 each Solar Centaur gas turbine compressors and selected ancillary systems from the Sugarland compressor station to the proposed station 3A site.   The new grassroots compressor station 3A will is located a site near the Markham Storage Facility in Matagorda County, Texas.  Phase 2 of the CS 3A Project was the installation of the new grassroots compressor station using the disassembled compressors from the Sugarland Compressor Station.

Turn-Key Specialists, Inc. (TSI) was first be responsible for the planning and providing execution details as to the procedures to be used and sequence to be followed to disassemble and transport the two compressors and all additional salvageable equipment to the new site. The second phase was the complete engineering, design, drafting, materials and equipment specifications, procurement support for equipment purchased by our customer, vendor inspections and construction bid documents.  TSI’s personnel were available for site visits, interaction meetings with their project managers to assure appropriate planning direction, and coordination with third party suppliers, vendors and subcontractors.