TSI Safety, Responsibility & Integrity.

Turnkey Specialists, Inc. (TSI) understands that a safe work environment for all employees is critical to the successful operation of an Engineering and Construction Management firm and is striving to make health, safety and environmental (HSE) performance our top priority. TSI management is behind this initiative 100% and recognizes that its leadership and employee participation is required for the success of an HSE culture and the continuing safe operation of the company.

Both management and employees have a continuing obligation to be committed to HSE for their mutual safety and the safety of our coworkers.

Every employee has:

  • A legal and regulatory obligation to act in a safe manner.
  • The responsibility for actively participating in peer observations.
  • The responsibility to follow established safety requirements.

Every employee regardless of tenure or experience is responsible to observe their surroundings and the actions of the others working around them and make every effort to insure that the workspace is safe. At no time should an employee fail to point out to management or fellow employees a safety violation or breach of the TSI Safety Manual. No economic priority shall overrule consideration of health and safety at work or respect for the environment.

Every effort is being made to improve the overall HSE obligations by TSI and to continue develop a more complete system to achieve the goal of zero injuries and zero damage to the environment.


Ashish Bajpai