TSI’s O&M division provides solutions of scale and scope that fits the customers strategic needs.

With scale ranging from support roles to extensive integrated asset management projects where TSI is accountable for the productive performance, risk management, safety and long term reliability of a producing asset.

TSI provides producers and operators with an alternate solution where TSI offers operations and maintenance integrated services.

Customer Benefits

  • Accountability for performance.
  • Compliance to regulatory requirements.
  • Backed by a strong engineering resource.
  • Flexible to operational demands.
  • Performance driven by meaningful KPI’s
…at the heart of every successful operation is a fully implemented CMMS… Let TSI help put these resources to work properly.

…safety in operations is achieved through training and education that ensures field personnel technical competence and hazard awareness is second nature…


  • Maintenance Management
  • Operations Management
  • Upstream Field Operations
  • Mid-Stream Facility Operations
  • Process Safety Management
  • Commissioning & Start-Up
  • Operator Training

Technical Disciplines

  • Gas Compression
  • Rotary Equipment
  • Well Operators
  • Well Test & Flow-back
  • Production Operations
  • Process Controls
  • Production Process
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Instrumentation & Controls
  • CMMS Planning
  • Reliability Engineering

Project Management

  • Contract Operations
  • Asset Management
  • Expert Personnel
  • Field Management
  • Compliance & Procedures
  • Process Safety Management implementation

Operations & Maintenance

– Integrated O&M contracting
– Contract production O&M personnel
– Production Supervisors
– Production technicians & operators
– Compression Technicians & Mechanics
– Maintenance Engineers
– Maintenance planners and schedulers
– Mechanical labor teams

Operational Compliance

– Facility compliance studies
– Process Safety Management (PSM) reviews
– Pre operational safety reviews
– Operational Procedure Writing (PSM Compliant)
– P&ID generation review and updating
– Emissions studies

Start Up and Turn Around

– Commissioning & Start-Up
– Commissioning discipline experts
– Operational readiness projects
– PSM procedure compliance prior to start up
– Facility upgrade and debottlenecking studies
– Major maintenance planning
– Major maintenance project management

Asset Management Services

Turnkey’s Operations & Maintenance solutions provide Energy Operators and managers with an alternative to internally managed operations and maintenance personnel and range of significant benefits over typical outsourced contract operations that provide little no added value or capability.


Employee selection is a process that TSI takes very seriously, rigorous evaluation and testing is performed on candidates to ensure that not only are the adequate skills added to the team but also the candidates have right attitude, ethic and communication skills that fit with the rest of the organization.

Education and training is an on going process and implemented so that all personnel have the knowledge and know how to perform their work and contribute to operational successful outcomes.

One of the main benefits Turnkey has to offer its customers is the in house support for operations. With approximately 100 engineers, specialists and experts in the corporate organization the backup field technicians have is second to none. Whether it is just solving production problems, developing procedures, redesigning processes in the installations TSI has the direct in house one on one support all field personnel dream to have. Guessing and trying to find solutions through trial and error is not part of TSI’s DNA.

While TSI is operating the field or plant facilities the core engineering backbone of the company is behind each and every field technician providing technical know how and support, analysis of operational symptoms and diagnostics of problems.Schedules and activities are defined by the type of equipment in a particular service mode. In many cases even PM is considered to be excessive and where failure is relatively inconsequential it is appropriate to operate until failure.

Where CBM and PM plans cannot be put in place and failure has impact and detrimental consequence it is worthy to consider redesigning the process system to enable a CBM or PM plan to be implemented.

Examples of CBM activities:

  • Lubricant Sample Analysis.
  • Vibration Analysis of Rotary Equipment
  • Thermographic inspection
  • Corrosion / Erosion detection

Examples of PM activities:

  • Lubricant changes
  • Alignment of rotary couplings
  • Cleaning / changing of filters periodically
  • Periodic replacement of parts or seals.
  • Calibration checks

Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS)

In order to manage the multitude of maintenance tasks and keep detailed records of the maintenance activities executed and forecasted a CMMS is essential. TSI provides and services various CMMS products. The key elements in all CMMS is the detailed work procedures being written and assigned appropriately to the equipment types and tags in a facility. TSI can implement and set up a recommended maintenance schedule based of the industry recognized best practices to fit a process facility with a cost vs productivity vs compliance ideal set in mind.

TSI’s CMMS can be implemented Turnkey and provide customers with online access to all activities, records and information and may be connected to customer ERP systemsTSI provides personnel and operational management systems for activities in:

  • Production operations & maintenance
  • Mechanical, instrumentation & electrical modifications and upgrades
  • HSE & emergency management

In remote or new operational regions, TSI also can provide a wide range of personnel administration support functions, including the following:

  • Nationalization programs
  • Recruitment, screening and placement
  • Training, technical development and competency programs
  • Logistics and transportation project management

In addition to providing personnel, TSI also provides facilities support & management activities:

  • Pre-operations planning and operational startup
  • Production O&M management
  • CMMS implementation and overhaul.
  • Maintenance planning and scheduling
  • Procedure writing and reviews
  • Construction supervision & inspection
  • Major Maintenance/overhaul of compressors, pumps, generators & rotating equipment
  • Surveillance and control systems from well pad and satellite facilities to main process facilities. This includes design implementation and integration with existing systems.