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Engineering Services

At the core of TSI’s capabilities lies the main line engineering functions. Discipline experts, project engineers and operational specialists combine their know how and skills to generate detailed engineering deliverables. These include Process flow diagrams (PFD’s) Process and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID’s) detailed piping drawings for construction. TSI produces in both 2D and 3D all CAD material using the most modern an up-to-date software compatible with all customer needs.

  • Mechanical & Civil engineering on foundations and structural detail for pipe ways and general facility construction.
  • Electrical engineering for high voltage from concept through to construction.
  • Process controls and instrumentation systems; design, programming and installation.
  • Process engineering for the critical process system analysis from heat transfer to relief systems and general sizing of all process equipment items
  • Environmental Engineering to assess emissions and compliance factors.
  • Pipeline Engineering & Right of Way Project Studies

Front End Engineering Design.

TSI works closely with customers to take the concept of the desired deliverable from ideas to a project scope. TSI has capabilities in all necessary disciplines for FEED studies, from Mechanical, Electrical and Structural to Process Simulation, Instrumentation, Controls, and Civil works.

TSI prefers to deliver all work in 3D CAD format and is structured to be an organization that is easy to work with. As the name describes we offer Trunkey pricing on almost all our work but are willing to work to any preferred method of contracting the customer prefers.

TSI prides itself in having great management control systems while keeping the workflow simple striving to be agile and dynamic with fast response times and quick turnaround on deliverables and keeping up with changes to the plan as quickly as they happen.

Project management being at the core of everything we do we invest a great deal in ensuring project managers are tooled, supported and empowered to execute work for customers unhindered by unnecessary processes.

One of the main focuses on FEED studies that is often overlooked by our competition is BUILDABILITY. The design and plan of how a project is brought from paper to steel is critical to its timely success. A facility must be not only designed to be easy to operate but easy to build. With this in mind TSI meticulously plans construction activities with the foresight needed to ensure work can be executed in a sequence where prior captivities don’t prevent or hinder present and future activities by blocking access, increasing the capacity of equipment needed or the quantity of resources needed to complete a task.

Deliverables include:

Basic engineering derived from the conceptual design or Feasibility study.

  • Basis of Design
  • Plot Plans
  • P&ID’s PFD’s
  • Electrical One-Line
  • Area Classifications
  • Load Lists
  • Cause and Effect (C&A)
  • Instrumentation, Equipment & Device List
  • Project Schedule
  • Detailed Engineering Estimates
  • Piping Specifications
  • Line Sizing Calculations
  • RFQ Specifications
  • General project execution plan.

The study determines the technical requirements as well as an accurate approximation of investment cost for the project based on sufficient detailed study and experience. It is always Turnkeys intent to produce documents that reflect all the project specific requirements so as to minimize changes during the execution phase.

  • Front End Engineering & Design (FEED)
    Feasibility Studies
    Cost Estimation
    Basic Engineering
    General Specification
  • Detailed Engineering
    Process Engineering
    Process Piping Design
    Detailed Layout
    Instrumentation & Controls
  • Project Engineering
    Detailed Planning & Scheduling
    Construction Cost Estimation & Planning
    Discipline Experts
  • Project Types
    Oil & Gas Process Facilities
    Facility Expansion
    Facility Upgrades
    Compression Stations
    Metering Stations
    Pipeline Engineering
    Liquid Storage Facilities
    Liquid Loading & Off Loading Facilities

Recent Projects

Compressor Station – Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania

March 27th, 2015|0 Comments

In general, the Scope of Work items include labor, equipment and materials to perform engineering, design, drafting, studies, calculations, specifications and bills of materials for the Project.

Design Parameters

Design Pressure Suction           […]

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CRP Station – Marshall County, West Virginia

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Turn-Key Specialist (TSI) has been contracted to complete the initial FEED study and the detailed design for this CRP Station (Project).  This Design Basis is designed to provide the underlying design parameters for the Project. […]

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CRP Station – Monroe County, Ohio

March 27th, 2015|Comments Off on CRP Station – Monroe County, Ohio

This is an expansion to their CRP in Monroe County, Ohio with the potential to have a dehydration capacity of 90MMSCFD to meet the Valid Drilling Plan for its customers. The CRP consist of gas dehydration, […]

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Gas Compression Facility – Freeport, Texas

March 27th, 2015|Comments Off on Gas Compression Facility – Freeport, Texas

TSI is working on a project installing a natural gas compression facility near Freeport, Texas. The compression facilities will be utilized in conjunction with an underground gas storage cavern that is currently being developed via […]